Website Maintenance

I get it, you have started your business, invested in a new website, have so many things to do that don’t even include what you actually do. Some months you feel like you are hemorrhaging money. You wonder, can I just set and forget my website? Can it be just one last thing I don’t have to spend time and money on? Well yes and no. You can set and forget it, but there are consequences, such as a poorly functioning website, what would a negative user experience do to your business? What about if your site was hacked? When you search for your business in google, where are you? Google have a criteria and a poorly maintained site is pushed further down the results. If the worst that can happen, happens and you lose your site, can you afford to have it rebuilt from scratch?

Who is it for?

Someone who understands that their website is their silent cheerleader, is available to clients and potential clients 24/7, does a lot of the heavy lifting in conveying who they are and what they offer.

Someone who wants to keep their site safe, functioning well, and looking up to date.

*New and existing clients only

How does it work?

On the Basic Maintenance Plan every month your site will be:

  • Backed up to a remote location.
  • Plugins will be updated to prevent against cyber crawlers looking for vulnerabilities
  • When required WordPress will be updated including important security updates
  • When required the Theme will be updated
  • Performance Checks of your websites speed and recommendations made where required.

How much does it cost?

$49 per month for the Basic Maintenance Plan for a 1-5 page website

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